Posted by: MiltonPires | February 24, 2009


Last weekend the vines were pruned.

I do cane pruning and use the double Guyot training system. In this system, last year productive branches are cut and two last year branches are tied along the bottom wire in opposite directions.

I have never tried to prune so I hire a local team of pruning professionals to do it. In the set of photos below you can see all the steps taken to prune and tie a vine. Next year I’ll try to do it my self! 😉






We tie the vine using a little bit of “verga”, wicker. It’s traditional and the most environmental friendly material. Notice the way it’s done: simple and effective.




  1. Milton your doing a great job here! Congrats, haven’t been here in awhile, but really like the pictures that show the whole process! Congrats..

    • Hi Ryan!
      Thank you for your comment. I visit you blog regularly even though I haven’t make any comments for awhile. Great blog.

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