Posted by: MiltonPires | October 12, 2009


The crusher-destemmer is the first machine to be found in the winery and it’s located outside of  it so the grapes can be easily unloaded.

In small wineries like mine, the crusher-destemmer is a small machine placed near or over the “lagar“.

This machine pulls the grapes to the rollers where the berries are crushed, then separates the stalks with beaters revolving within a slotted drum. The crushed berries and juice pass through the slotted drum and are pumped to the “lagar“. The stalks can’t go through the slotted drum so they are rejected on the open side of the drum.

This is the point where I add the metabisulfite to protect the must from oxidation and spoilage.



  1. I’m thai people and looking for a new destemmer to use in my wine factory. After I saw your website and VDO, I interested your destemmer. Please send me about your brochures, detail of this and prices to me. Thank you very much for your kindly and hope recieve your respond back.

    Best regards
    Ms.Laddawan Papin

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